Heart Shaped Sky Lanterns

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Red Heart Shaped Sky Lanterns are the ideal loving gift or accompaniment to a special outdoor event

Add a romantic element to an event and buy our non-flammable, bio-degradable heart shaped sky lanterns. The lanterns will illuminate the night sky and your celebration will be transformed into the perfect fairytale. The result is one of the most magical and breathtaking sights you, your friends, family and guests will ever see.

The lanterns fly in the air for approximately 6 – 8 minutes and reach heights of over 1,000 feet. Standing at around 90 cm tall and 80 cm wide at its widest point the lantern once self-extinguished floats gently to the ground. The lanterns are made from non-flammable, bio-degradeable tissue paper, are supplied with a non drip fuel cell and once lit take approximately 30 seconds to fill with hot air before it is ready to be released into the sky.

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